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What’s In My Knitting Bag….

I love my knitting bag, admittedly it often gets full of random yarny things, but I still love it (and need to sort it out every few weeks). It is a good size, dark blue with white spots (what else! I adore polka dots!), wooden handles and an outer side pocket.

I purchased it from amazon, you can find the link HERE

*Cat not included!

So, what’s in my bag?

My large knitting bag if full of left over yarn which would be suitable for hats or mittens, they’re a good size, about 40-50g each. Also, it has a front pocket which I tend to keep my printed patterns in when I’m not working on those projects, either because I have finished them or have not yet cast them on. It is the perfect size for A4 print outs!

My notions and smaller accessories are kept in a toiletry gift bag from a few years ago, it is big enough to keep quite a fair few notions inside! It is sturdy and waterproof and also slightly padded to protect the goodies inside.

So, here are my notions and accessories………

First up, I keep a note pad and pencil in there, just in case I need to make any notes or jot down ideas quickly (before I forget them!). It’s nothing special, just a small ringed notebook, the perfect size to fit inside the bag.


Second, random a selection of needles and a crochet hook. I keep all my straight needles and single circular needles in a fancy jug in our sunroom. But I have a case for my crochet hooks, which I keep inside my large, blue knitting bag.


I always find it handy to keep a tape measure near by, I have a few but always make sure I have one in my notions bag. It is so useful when patterns say “knit 15,000* inches from the cast on edge”. A needle gauge is also useful. I have a set of Karbonz interchangeables, and although I love them, the numbers rub off very quickly. So, I keep one needle gauge in my notions bag and one in the back storage package of the set’s case. I’ve found it so useful having it right with the needles! (Just a little tip for anyone thinking of buying a set of Karbonz Interchangeables).


Then, there’s this super cute zippered pouch from Chicken Boots – I think it may have been purchased from Jimmy Beans Wool. I got this – along with the Dice and Handmade Stitch Marker from the amazing Julie from Diary Of A Yarn Snob (Podcast and Etsy Shop). And I adore it. I keep all my stitch markers, needles and needle threader in there (along with the dice because I don’t want to loose it, and every time I see it, it reminds me of my lovely friend, Julie xx).


Needles – Always need at least one needle for sewing in ends………because we all sew them in straight away after finishing, don’t we! Nah, me neither!!

Stitch Markers – These are just some of the markers in my pouch. I have so many because I love making them, they’re my favourite notion. Sometimes, I just put them on my knitting just to decorate it! These stitch markers can be found in my ETSY SHOP – if there is anything you would like in particular, just message me 🙂


Next, I have another little pouch, made by myself, with my favourite needle felt Gnome Zipper Pull. Inside, I keep a 10g mini just in case I desperately need some scrap yarn. A cable needle (this came free with a knitting magazine), some beads, which I really what to incorporate into projects but just need to find the right one and have some time to get my head around the technique – although from watching YouTube tutorials, it doesn’t look too tricky, just daunting. Then a selection of row counters, the green one I received in a FibreShare package!


As you can see, it all fits in rather nicely!


And to complete the little pouch, I keep some small scissors (these are hairdresser scissors which came free with my husband’s hair trimmers – he doesn’t use them BUT they’re the perfect size for knitting and sewing projects! I also keep a couple of DPN / Circular Needle holders, these can be found in my ETSY SHOP!


I hope you enjoyed seeing what I keep in my knitting bag, I’d love to know what you keep in yours! Leave me a comment to let me know 🙂






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