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Scrappy SOCKTOBER Socks!

It seems like all sock knitters have been casting on scrappy socks / frankensocks / odd socks, whatever you want to call them! I love the idea and have finished my very first pair during Sockober 2016. I had A LOT of purple palette yarns in my left overs so it just felt natural to pick them out and create a pair of beautiful purple socks.

Check out all the super awesome socks that were ‘born’ on Instagram with the hashtags “SOCKTOBER” “socktober2016” “frankensocks” or “scrappysocks”. I promise you, you will not be disappointed, there are loads of gorgeous socks that have been created throughout the month!


I have almost finished mine! I’ve just got the heel and foot to go and voila! My first pair of Scrappy Socks will be off the needles, keep a look out on my Instagram feed for the finished socks!

Gem XoXo


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