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Socktober 2016…’s all about the socks!

Socks, socks, socks! The knitters go to……..albeit if they have found the knitty addiction. Before a knitter delves into the world of socks, it’s an enigmatic puzzle of stitches. But once you have fathomed it, well, then a whole new glorious world opens up and you are well and truly obsessed with the world of socks.

So, if you’re like me and loving socks right now, you will know that it is October and apart from Halloween, there is another very important date in the diary. It starts on October 1st and the celebrations go on until October 31st. But what is this month long celebration? Well, it is SOCKTOBER also known as SOCKTOBERFEST. A month long celebration of knitting socks in the knitting world and once again, it is a free for all party that we are all invited to!

As I write, I am looking at my scrappy frankensocks. The colour I have chosen for these beauts is purple, this is the colour that is mainly in my yarny left overs bag. And although I’ve only finished the cuff and begun the first colour for the leg, I adore them already and can not wait to choose the next left over to put into it!


You can check out my Scrappy Socks Project Page HERE on Ravelry.

There are also amazing inspirational pictures on Instagram with the hashtags ‘SOCKTOBER’ if you are joining in, be sure to tag yours with the hashtag to show your socks off!


Next week, I will update you on my SOCKTOBER festivities, until next time, be kind and be mindful, Rockabellas!!

Happy Crafting!

Gem XoXo


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