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The Week Of Change….

This week sees a huge change for me and my family, it’s a scary change, an exciting change and an all round change for the right reasons.

For the past year, I have worked in the wonderful world of retail, spending the majority of my evenings and weekends away from my family and friends and missing out on quite a few social gatherings and even for someone with social anxiety, it was frustrating to say the least. It didn’t go unnoticed by family and friends, but they were so good working around my shifts although sometimes it just didn’t work out.

So the time came that a few changes were needed. My husband and I live with my parents and Grandfather in a beautiful family home, with masses of orchard out back. I have my little Etsy shop which brings me so much joy, so as a family, we made the joint decision that I would quit my retail job and stay at home to concentrate on my business and have a more structured time at home to help out with things around the house.

I won’t lie, it is scary. But I’m so excited to take it all on and be there for my family. There will be home cooked meals instead of everyone fending for themselves, lots more family time and I hope a tidier and more organised home!

It will also mean that I will get more creative time to blog and vlog a lot more, which is very exciting, I love chatting with you all! The creative community is always so friendly and encouraging and I’ve met so many talented and wonderful people on my short journey already!


Happy Crafting!

Gem XoXo


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