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Blocking: Part 1.

I was hoping to include a segment about blocking on my last podcast episode, but unfortunately I ran out of recording space!
So, this week’s blog post will be dedicated to blocking…..or at least a quick introduction to it.

Blocking. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it makes most – if not all – yarn projects look beautifully finished. I was asked by a lovely lady on Instagram about blocking and whether I weaved in my ends before or after blocking, she wasn’t sure which is the ‘right’ way and understandably it can take fun out of knitting if you’re worried about the little things. Truth is, do whatever is right for you. After all, the world would be a pretty boring place if we were all the same, right?!

The project that sparked the question was my Misty Meadow shawl by Wild Praerie Knits. It’s a beautiful pattern with an applied border. Before I blocked it, it was small and scrunched up. For this project, (and to be honest, the majority of my projects!) I chose to steam block it so I could easily manipulate the applied border, and ‘even out’ the stitch changes. Wet blocking would have done the project just as much justice, but on this occasion, I chose to steam block instead of wet blocking the shawl. Here is a close up of the border after blocking…..

So, why block?

Blocking helps finish off your project and really show off all the intricate stitching you have created. Even simple garter stitch and stockinette look great when blocked, emphasising all the hard work you’ve put into your creation.  And putting right any curling which may have occurred!

You’ve put hours into your knitting, not just on this project but learning how to actually knit, choosing yarns, making mistakes, frogging… what’s a little bit extra love. Of course, not all projects need blocking, I don’t generally block socks or hats or mittens etc. But sometimes, our beautiful creations just need that extra bit of coaxing to be that little bit more fabulous!

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