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Knitting In Public

The world of knitting, crochet, crafting, is an amazing one, but some often shy away in the public eye when confronted with the idea of doing it in public. I, for one, LOVE knitting in public. Recently, I’ve become addicted to sock knitting and this seems to be the go to project when out and about for me (and many others).

I began knitting in the DRs waiting room, that was the first hurdle, a quiet place where most people keep themselves to themselves. Then I did it at the dentist and was approached by a lady who asked what I was knitting and commented on how pretty the colours were. From then, I’ve been knitting everywhere I can, even at airports while waiting to board. Yes, you get some inquisitive looks (some with the expression “what’s that weirdo doing”), but more often than not, people glance, watch for a while and move on.

A few years ago, a project was set up called ‘Knit In Public Day’, or KIP Day, where one day, usually on a  weekend in June/July, you can meet with other knitters (or crocheters) and knit away to your hearts content. You can find the website HERE. And check to see if there is an event near you!

Yarny hobbies are constantly growing in popularity and I’m sure it’s helped by the fact that people are proud and embracing their incredible talents and braving the elements to knit in public. I often get friends messsaging me on advice on how to start knitting and crochet and it’s so exciting to see that they may too catch the bug! There are so many avenues of help out there these days, I recently attended a local Knit and Knatter and the ladies there were so friendly and helpful, interested in each others projects, we even knit up some triangles for some local yarn bombing (I felt very cool to be part of a yarn bombing project as it’s been something I’ve always wanted to do!). It did feel strange – at first –  that in my local community there were so many knitters hidden away, like an underground gang. My husband calls the group ‘Knitting Ninjas’, which I think is awesome!

  Knitting at one of my favourite cafes!

So here is my 10-step guide to Knitting In Public newbies:

1. Put on your big girl/boy pants.

2. Go somewhere where you can switch off (and hide in a corner, like the awesome Knitting Ninja that you are), a coffee shop is great because you can have cake at the same time, and we all know knitting is always better with some munchies!!

3. Take a deep breath.

4. Pull out your knitting bag and stare at it for a few minutes.

5. Go to pull out your knitting with a hint of hesitation.

6. Put said knitting back.

7. Take another deep breath and repeat the words ‘I can do this, I’m a Knitting Ninja’ in your head until you feel brave enough.

8. Take out your knitting like a toddler stealing a biscuit from the kitchen.

9. Check no one is looking, if they are, quickly look away like everything is fine and dandy.

10. Begin to knit, and think to yourself “What was I so worried about? This is great!!”.

If anyone comes up to you, it’s only because they’re intrigued or they may even be another knitter! Another fellow Knitting Ninja, perhaps! Hey, a new buddy you can  do ‘stuff’ with, and who gets the need for yarn shopping and stash enhancements!!


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