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Mindful Knitting / Mindful Living

Throughout this past year I have been consciously been trying to be come more mindful and live simply. It is definitely becoming easier. But what is Mindfulness and Simple Living? Well, to me, it’s being aware of what is around you and living each moment as it comes.

I went through, and am still ‘recovering’ (for want of a better word), a dark time last year. Although I have always had anxiety and bouts of depression, something triggered it last year which resulted in me, for the first time in my life, to seek professional help and admit something is wrong. So, with the help of friends and family, I have been discovering the person I want to be and living my life in the most mindful way I can.

So, mindfulness……..

A wonderful way to live! When it comes to knitting it can be such a lovely process. How often do you look at your growing project? I don’t mean, seeing your progress, which is fantastic in itself, but REALLY look at it? The shades of the yarn, the stitches intertwining with each other, even the feel of the yarn between your fingers….use all your senses to really take in this magnificent price of art.

It is something you are creating, and there will never be anything else like it….EVER!!

And stash?! We all have one, no matter how big or small. But seriously folks, there will always be more yarn!!! Take out that luxury skein and knit it up! Feel it, smell it, look in awe at it! Because guess what, you can buy more! If it doesn’t mesh with the pattern you chose, it’s ok! Rip it out, start over, choose another one, no biggie!! Enjoy your time now, while you can.

Be kind. Be happy. Be positive. Be mindful.


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