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We knit, therefore, we’re awesome!

There are tonnes of articles these days about how knitting is ‘not just for Grandmas’, but it always gets me wondering if the writer actually knows anything about the past time. Do they know how many indie dyers there are? Do they know there are thousands of project bags and notions available at the click of a button? Do they not know about Ravelry?!

Personally, I have never seen knitting as purely a Gramdma thing to do (even though it was my own Grandmother who introduced me to knitting), I’ve always seen it as a multi-generational, sociable past time. A wonderful thing that has been passed down, standing the test of time throughout the decades.

It’s not just about knitting these days, there are so many aspects to the fibre craft world and knitting only touches the tip of the stash! Spinning your own handspun yarn on wheels and drop spindles has become increasingly popular and the demand for beautifully blended and dyed fibre is growing, just like its sister-craft, yarn dyeing. People are doing it themselves at home or buying from the amazingly talented indie dyers, who are giving the large mass-produced companies a run for their money! 

And the people?! Well, they are some of the kindest, most generous people you will ever get to meet. Between yarn swaps, KALs, podcasts, local knitting groups, you can be as sociable as you like. It’s like a party that never ends and everyone is invited! From the cool kids who can do colour work without getting in a tangle, the Hermione’s who will always swatch and work out the correct gauge, the rule breakers who adjust the recipe and do their own thing, to the introvert kids who are just there but have no idea what they’re doing (which is where I belong!). BUT, it’s an awesome party to be at because we all have one thing in common……..YARN!!! Glorious, soft, incredible and delicious yarn! It’s a party where no-one is right, everyone has their favourite yarn, their favourite dyer, their favourite needles, and that’s O.K. Because we’re knitters, and we’re all equally awesome!


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