Musings On Life

Rockabella Crafts

Thank you for stopping by my blog. My humble, little world of thoughts and musings about my life, loves, trials and everything in between.

I suppose I should begin by delving into little snippets about my life. It may not be extravagant or even that interesting to most. But it’s mine, just like yours is to you, and it is a precious and extraordinary thing!

 My life revolves around my beloved cat, tortoise and husband; Indiana, Harley and Andy. We live with my parents and Grandfather, while we decide on our next move and adventure, whatever that will be, in the beautiful part of the world known as, Gloucestershire. Our house is one full of love, family and friends. It’s has a wonderful apple orchard, which stretches out the back behind our lawn and hedgerows, and when I was little, I thought it went back for miles and miles. The hours I spent outside, climbing trees, fishing in the river at the very end of our borders and exploring all that nature had to offer have made their way into my fondest childhood memories.  
 In my early 30s, I am back there again, creating new memories and having a wonderful time using it for inspiration in my creative work. My parents are close to retiring and planning to do lots of travelling, safe in the knowledge that we are here to look after the family home and keep it the welcoming place all year round that it has become.

I lightly touched on ‘my creative work’ and that is probably why you are here! I adore handwork, I can spend hours everyday creating and exploring different materials and techniques to create unique pieces of work. These are often shared and available in my Etsy shop, RockabellaCraftsUK. My first craft love is, and always will be, knitting. It is incredible that anyone can wave some sticks around with a piece of ‘string’ and create something so unique, so intricate and so loved. Like I said, I love to explore different materials and also have a hand in Spinning, on my gorgeous spinning wheel, Yarn Dyeing, Crochet, Sewing, Clay Modelling and Needle Felting.

I hope you will join me in my little world of wonder and would love to hear about your creations too! Everything handmade is unique and we should all be proud of what we have achieved as ‘artisans’, yes, artisans, because that is what we are, and what a wonderful, interesting group to be part of.



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