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What’s In My Knitting Bag….

I love my knitting bag, admittedly it often gets full of random yarny things, but I still love it (and need to sort it out every few weeks). It is a good size, dark blue with white spots (what else! I adore polka dots!), wooden handles and an outer side pocket. I purchased it from… Continue reading What’s In My Knitting Bag….

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Simple Chocolate Chip Cupcakes Recipe

Ingredients: 120g Caster Sugar 120g Butter 2 Large Eggs 1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract 120g Self-Raising Flour 25g Milk Chocolate Chips 25g White Chocolate Chips (This mixture gave me about 24 cupcakes) How to make: Preheat your oven to 165c. Cream theĀ butter and caster sugar together in a large bowl. Add the eggs and vanilla essence… Continue reading Simple Chocolate Chip Cupcakes Recipe

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Autumn is hands down my favourite season. So, I thought I would kick off November with a list of 10 things that I LOVE about Autumn……….. Changing Colours   2. Cozy Clothes 3. Hot Drinks 4. Handknit Socks 5. Carving Pumpkins 6. Baking. 7. Foggy Mornings 8. Walking On Crunchy Leaves 9. Bonfire Night 10.… Continue reading 10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT AUTUMN

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Scrappy SOCKTOBER Socks!

It seems like all sock knitters have been casting on scrappy socks / frankensocks / odd socks, whatever you want to call them! I love the idea and have finished my very first pair during Sockober 2016. I had A LOT of purple palette yarns in my left overs so it just felt natural to… Continue reading Scrappy SOCKTOBER Socks!

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Socktober 2016…’s all about the socks!

Socks, socks, socks! The knitters go to……..albeit if they have found the knitty addiction. Before a knitter delves into the world of socks, it’s an enigmatic puzzle of stitches. But once you have fathomed it, well, then a whole new glorious world opens up and you are well and truly obsessed with the world of… Continue reading Socktober 2016…’s all about the socks!

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The Week Of Change….

This week sees a huge change for me and my family, it’s a scary change, an exciting change and an all round change for the right reasons. For the past year, I have worked in the wonderful world of retail, spending the majority of my evenings and weekends away from my family and friends and… Continue reading The Week Of Change….

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Summer Colourwork Challenge 2016

The idea behind the Summer Colourwork Challenge was to explore and practice the art of colourwork in my knitting. For this I spent hours upon hours looking on Ravlery for projects that I thought would be suitable for a novice. I chose my first pattern based on the fact that it only had two colours… Continue reading Summer Colourwork Challenge 2016